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Inefficient cash-handling practices can seriously impact your bottom line, and not in a good way! So, whether you’re combatting employee theft, major cash shrinkage, armored car fees, miscellaneous bank fees, lost deposits, labor costs or any number of other challenges, NKL safes can help give you the upper hand and peace of mind you need to recover. For unparalleled security and cash management efficiency, our full line of fireproof Cash Management Safes can help you optimize any and all cash handling activities, no matter your business needs.

Our extensive, foolproof selection ranges from simple coin-management safes to the most advanced cash-handling technology available. Plus, our knowledgeable, extensively trained service representatives are available 24/7 to answer your questions or to assist you with support—from initial installation, testing, regular maintenance and upkeep services to locksmith assistance and more. Choose an NKL Safe and see why it's the ultimate security solution!


Asset Protection

Designed to provide the safest cash storage solutions available, Cennox's Asset Protection models are excellent for retail businesses who handle large amounts of cash and need access to advanced protection.