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Your Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Cennox Commercial Services can deliver critically important support in the event of incidents or problems with any array of commercial locks, and with any brand. We offer diverse Commercial Locksmith Services, delivering outstanding maintenance and emergency service to meet all your commercial locksmith needs. Our Commercial Key and Lock services includes Rollout Planning and Program Management, as well as Delivery, Installation and Maintenance Services. 

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Rollout Planning & Program Management

Cennox provides pre-installation site surveys ensure all hardware is available for new lock installations or day-to-day rekeying activities. Surveys can be completed through a combination of on-site visits or remote digital photo submissions. Project and Site Management for multi-store rollouts help keep efforts on schedule and on budget. If opening new stores is part of your natural organic growth, or if you acquire a chain, we can develop a program to rekey the locks in each site to comply with the existing company keying system and specified hardware. 

Delivery, Installation & Maintenance Services

Cennox provides day-to-day support and emergency response to replace keys, rekey existing locks or install new locks in response to unanticipated (e.g. break-in repair, staff leaving) or scheduled events (e.g. facility expansion, staff leaving). We also provide next-day shipping of replacement key(s) and same-day or next-day rekey service plans. 

Cennox Field Service & Extended Locksmith Network

Our commitment to your security includes company owned field service vehicles strategically located in major metropolitan areas. All Cennox Commercial Services Certified Contractors and Technicians are insured, licensed and vetted with documented service history as commercial locksmiths. All are trained within standards for commercial locksmith services and receive comprehensive company training required to manage customer contact and care standards.

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