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Whether at home or in the office, one thing remains constant: your valuables always need protection, and the durable Summit safes offered by Cennox offer the highest levels of vital security available. To help you deter external theft, reduce cash shrinkage, increase cash flow and protect your most crucial assets, the Summit product line includes some of the finest cash management safes, commercial safes and residential safes in the industry—all designed to provide top levels of value and protection. You can view your information and make changes to your system from any connected device in the world.

So, whether you operate a cash-intensive retail business, run a commercial operation where key documents are critical or just want to safeguard your important paperwork and files at home, you're sure to find a Summit fireproof safe perfectly tailored to your unique needs. There's nothing smarter than being proactive about protecting your assets and valuables, so start implementing a cash management solution now!


Summit - High Security (UNA-HS)


Summit - "Mini" Unit (SM1)

The Summit Series SM1 bill validating safes provide a cloud-based solution with the latest technologies to your daily cash processing. Plus, the compact size allows the SM1 to be placed in locations where space is at a minimum.

Summit - Dual Bill Validating With Touchpad (UNA-ST)

The Summit-Upright With Touchpad is a reliable network solution providing the latest tech to your daily cash processing operations, as well as a popular upright design and intuitive touch-pad interface.

Summit Tube Dispensing Unit

Cennox's Summit-Tube Dispensing Units can be linked with bill validating safes to exceed all your cash management needs. This solution brings not only advanced tech to your table but also optimal cash handling capabilities.

Summit Coin Dispensing Unit

Cennox's Summit-Coin Dispensing Units are built on the most innovative, secure and reliable software platform in the industry. An icon-driven interface provides intuitive device control along with a sleek modular design.