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Two Cennox employees working on a fireproof safe in the Cennox factory

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Manufacturing Firms: Minimizing Risks & Preventing Loss

Learn how fire suppression equipment, fireproof containers, security monitoring systems, and crisis contingency plans have been protecting firms in the manufacturing industry from catastrophic risk and loss for many years. Also, learn about the huge surge of innovation in this type of equipment in recent years that has made them more advanced and effective than ever.

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Customer Segment Story: Native American Nations

Although the Native American (Indian) Nations may have had to give up most of their land over the years, they retained their right of self-government. And like any modern bureaucracy, records management and protection is a core function of their tribes.

Asset Protection for the Restaurant Industry

The correct office equipment is a necessity in any business, especially the restaurant industry where fires can start in a huge variety of ways. That's why the benefits of purchasing fireproof containers far outweigh the costs.

Freestate Petroleum

Freestate Petroleum operates eight gasoline stations throughout Maryland, and handling the flow of currency is a major concern. In 2003, they were able to find an innovative new way to improve their operations and cash flow.

Eliminate Missing Cash

Learn how OnCue Express CFO Steve James maximized his company's cash accuracy in just 18 months by moving from traditional safes to high-tech, networked smart safes. In doing so, locations with smart safes achieved 100% deposit accuracy.

Subway Case Study

In 2003, Subway sought out a dynamic solution to help them meet their increasingly complex cash management needs. They found their solution in the form of the Advanced Cash Control System, a touch-screen information safe.