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FireKing® Safes Unaffected By Meltdown And Spectre Software Failures


Summit and Ascent series safes by FireKing Security Group are inherently unaffected by the recent Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities that have been created by the discovery of software failures. Although this crisis is understandably causing great concern within the security industry, we firmly believe that FireKing customers are in no risk of falling prey to the kinds of weaknesses reported.

The Meltdown and Spectre software failures require a third-party piece of software to be installed in order to take any advantage of the security holes. A computer is at risk of being compromised when a user accesses and downloads information from web and e-mail servers. Users and system administrators could also be vulnerable with the use of extensive third-party software. FireKing safes, however, have always avoided such risks.

"We firmly believe that FireKing customers are in no risk of falling prey to the kinds of weaknesses reported."

Summit and Ascent series safes take an appliance approach to the software architecture—preventing access from any unknown sources and employing firewalls to prohibit all inbound network connections. The OS file systems are “read only” and no internet browser software nor email clients are installed on any systems. We believe this embedded computer approach ensures that no foreign software is capable of being installed onto a FireKing safe. All installed software included on our safes and servers is either mainline packages from the operating system distribution or FireKing proprietary software developed internally. Any updates or changes to the systems are packages verified by FireKing and are the only way any new or modified application can be installed.

FireKing utilizes Linux-based operating systems, so patches will undoubtedly quickly become available to remedy these software issues regardless—we will evaluate and test the fixes and apply as necessary—but in the interim, we wanted to reassure our partners that we believe there is very little risk, if any, for the Meltdown and Spectre failures to have any effect on FireKing safes.

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