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New Ascent Safe Works Wonders For Large Company

"We’ve been with FireKing for about 15 or more years, we’ve updated our newest safe to the Ascent about a year ago and we are really happy with the change. We really like the Ascent because it has a time delay feature where employees can say how much money they want back, but it doesn’t automatically bring it back so if there was a situation where we were being robbed we could not immediately give them the money, they would have to stick around and wait.
We like the feature that each employee has their own unique code. When an employee puts their code in, the safe automatically counts all the cash in the safe, this lets us know how much money was in the safe before and after the employee opened it, so we know that everything is accounted for.

We have not had any issues with the new safe. We really like it. We have had zero complaints about upgrading.

We upgraded because there were some robberies going on in the neighborhood and we wanted to make sure our employees were safe and we wouldn’t lose as much money if we were robbed.
When choosing our safe we didn’t just go out and look for the most expensive safe, we looked for something that would be reliable, something that would be perfect in a c-store setting, where we could put money in and get change out. Holds enough change that we go through a whole weekend without having to go to the bank. 

I definitely recommend going to FireKing and getting the Ascent. It makes us feel safe and secure. 

We feel very confident that our safe protects our employees and our money."