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Cash Recycler (UNR-GSR)

Designed to streamline your cash management process. The unique design accepts and dispenses notes, has a footprint small enough to fit under the counter and utilizes Clever Lever tm bolt work to keep your cash safe and secure.

High Security Cash Management Safe (SV2-HS)

In high crime areas and locations carrying large amounts of cash, security is vital. The UNA UL-291 features UL high security construction that can resist attacks from all angles.

Cannabis Delivery Safes

Protect your drivers by storing cash and product in Cennox safes during deliveries.

Cannabis Inventory Protection Safes

With their dual door design and adjustable shelving, protection for your product inventory has never been easier.

Standard Security Cash Management Safe (SV2)

The SV2 is designed to simplify your cash management processes, while keeping your cash secure, and your data just a click away.

Cannabis Security Solutions

One-source Security Solution Provider for the Cannabis Industry.

FireKing Security Group is dedicated to one thing: Protecting What is Important. Whether it’s product, cash, documents, or other valuables, FireKing has a solution to suit your specific needs. Founded in 1951, FireKing’s product offering began with fireproof filing cabinets, and has since expanded to include high security safes, inventory safes, transport safes, and more. FireKing also features a 24/7 American based call center, providing unmatched customer service.