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Bill Validating Safes

Our Bill Validating Safes offer superior cash-management and security for your retail or commercial operation.

Coin and Note Dispensing Safes

Coin and Note Dispensing Safes enable retailers to keep daily operations running smoothly

Asset Protection

Designed for secure cash storage and access control. An excellent device for retail businesses who handle cash and need easy access to a highly secure environment.

Cash Management Safes

Transition from a reactive to proactive posture in your cash-management activities with Cash Management Safes

Cennox's line of cash management safes are designed to give you complete control throughout the cash handling process. The Summit and Ascent models offer immediate views of cash activities across single or multiple locations, while providing excellent security against theft, greatly enhancing cash flow and reducing cash shrinkage. No matter the size of your business, Cennox has a cash management safe perfect to fit your needs.