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Standard Safes

Cennox's Standard Safes offer top-of-the-line security and protection from theft and are backed by expert support and services. In addition, you’ll also enjoy expert installation and 24/7 customer service and support.

Rotary Hopper Safes

The Rotary Hopper Safes manufactured by Cennox offer unique, dynamic, practical designs and protection. Deposits are made through the top, and turning the hopper handle once quickly drops items behind a fully locked safe door.

Mail Box Drop Safes

Make secure cash drops with Mail Box Drop Safes. These postal-style depository safes provide reliable security from theft and retail shrinkage. Easy under-the-counter installation means your safe can be in a preferred location.

Drop Drawer Safes

Keep vital assets safe even while they're close-at-hand with a Drop Drawer Safe. You won’t have to sacrifice security for convenience; Drop Drawer Safes include the same security advantages as the rest of Cennox's offerings.

Under Counter Safes

Keep your cash and other assets protected with Cennox's versatile, fully functional Under Counter Safes, each designed to adequately deter armed robbery while serving as your first line of defense against internal theft.

Inventory Safes

This safe provides the capabilities you need to protect your assets with features tailored to your operational needs. It's also fit with an electronic lock that's fully programmable, limiting access to those who need it.

Deposit Slot Safes

Keep your cash, valuables, and other assets protected by Cennox's resilient Deposit Slot Safes.

Commercial Safes

Seamlessly implemented, imperative security solutions for your business

Whether it’s at a restaurant or a retail establishment, when you run a business with high-cash volume, you need a way to protect your assets. The threats of burglary, robbery and internal theft are real— and if you don’t take action to prevent them, they are likely to happen to you. That’s why Cennox offers a wide range of commercial safes that can help you effectively manage cash at your location. By keeping assets in these safes, you create a deterrent to all kinds of security breaches and theft. What’s more, you do this in the most cost-effective, durable manner available.